Solar Installation Quotes

Are you looking to go solar and need to calculate the costs, tax incentives, and overall effectiveness of your installation with a trained professional? Your in luck, as we work with the best solar companies from around the US. There is no obligation and it is completely free to get your quote! The time is now to go solar, what are you waiting for?

Solar America

We have helped thousands of households & businesses go solar by connecting them to the best solar companies in the USA. We did the research for you and will connect you with companies that offer high quality installation options that will save you big money on your electric bill! The only question is… what will you buy with your extra money each and every month!

This estimate will tell you

  • The size of system you need
  • The roof space you need
  • The incentives and tax credits you get
  • A ballpark cost based on industry averages
  • Exact pricing from local installers near you
  • Stop Wasting Money on High Priced Electricity!
  • Over 80% of Our Customers Save 70% on Their Monthly Bill!
  • Zero Down Options are Available
  • Join the Solar Revolution & Help Save Our Planet
  • We only work with the very best solar companies

Don’t Wait until the federal tax credits dry up! Fill out the short form below and take the first step to going solar!